Tyler and Caroline

Tyler & Caroline

Tyler and Caroline met in college while they were freshman. They both were evacuated to Memphis together after Hurricane Katrina. Both remained very good friends until they started dating the Summer prior to their Junior ...

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Tony and Kaitlynn

Kaitlynn & Tony

Tony and Kaitlynn met 6 years ago, her freshman year of college.Kaitylynn was thinking,”first year of college I can’t wait to be single!! ” She joined the Kentucky sports tv club and Tony was on ...

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Melisa-Beth & David

I have known the Rooke family for quite a while. I did Megan’s wedding quite a while ago. I was thrilled to get the call to do Melisa-Beth Rooke’s wedding this past June 10. David ...

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Erica & Sam's

Erica & Sam

It was an extreme pleasure to get the phone call to shoot Erica & Sam’s brunch wedding at Warrenwood Manor on June 4, 2016. I had not had the pleasure of working at the venue, ...

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Amanda & Wes

Wes and Amanda met on a Monday night at the Tin Roof, where Wes’ band played. Wes had moved to Kentucky to open a burger joint with a few of his other friends. One of ...

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Brittany & Justin

Often times, we get to meet our brides prior to their wedding day. This time however, we did not, and we could not have been more surprised by what a sweet, and appreciative bride Brittany ...

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Lauren & Nick

Ok I’ll say it. This year I have been truly blessed by some of the most amazing clientele I have ever had in my career which is now going in it’s 17th year. I remember ...

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