Our Production, Behind The Scenes

We believe in getting to know you and learning all of the details that make your relationship unique. Getting to know you better helps us to make a more personalized and to capture all of the special moments from your wedding day. Whether you’re working with a wedding planner or handling all of the logistics yourself, we know how valuable your time is and are available throughout the entire planning process.

A big part of telling your wedding story are the stories told by family and friends, not only during the toasts at the reception but at the rehearsal dinner as well.  The rehearsal dinner is one of few times in your lives, where family and friends, from near and far are together to celebrate you both in the same place at the same time.  Emotions are heartfelt as they tell stories of your  youth, and how you first met, and how your relationship has progressed.  These stories are incorporated into the footage shot during the wedding day.

We have found over the course of our careers, wedding days, especially those with planners, are better captured full day.  There are too many essential details and candid moments happening which are a part of the planning you have done over the course of time to make your day special.  Tent setups, flowers, ball rooms, cake arrival and all the little details.  Perhaps one of the biggest parts of the day is the prep time brides get to spend with their bridesmaids.  There are a lot of laughs, tears of joy and camaraderie between lifelong friends.  Watching you be transformed during hair and makeup, the zipping of the dress, exchanges of gifts between you and your parents, your mom helping you with jewelry as you get ready to see your dad and husband to be.

Our shooting style incorporates many tools of the trade to tell your story.  We use camera stabilizers, sliders, off camera lighting, slow motion, and drones.  Aerial shots add amazing production value to the story, especially horse farms, or private venues.  Audio is a very important element, and we take much care in making sure we get pristine sound from all the sources.  Groom and minister will be wearing a recorder.  There will be an audio feed from the church’s sound system, and the DJ or bands system during the reception.  Great video is nothing with bad audio. Production start and end times are determined by us once we receive a detailed timeline of the day from you or your wedding planner.  Coverage times will be based on a balanced portion of all events of your wedding day, or until we feel we have enough footage to tell your story.

Once the day is captured to our standards as elite film makers, all of the magic takes place during editing.  Each wedding film has it’s own unique feel.  I have a very boutique process to how I edit.  First, I pick new music for each edit, and no song is ever used twice.  Each finished feature runs up to 14 minutes in length.  All clips are color graded, and stabilized from any extreme camera movement.  Each edit takes an additional 30-40 hours, not including the time we spend with you on the wedding day and rehearsal.  We will typically have close to 60 hours into each full day production.  My team members are well trained,  personable people who always do their best to ensure the day goes well, and everyone is on top of their game.